Creativity Poetry


Yes or no,

That’s all anyone ever wants to know,

But the last thing you need is permission,

Unless ‘Hell Yes’ is really a ‘No, No’

It’s your call.

Life & Philosophy Poetry

Practical Pessimism

Slipping into midlife,

Ordinary middle age,

To remain beautifully skeptical,

A mind open to change.

Life & Philosophy Poetry

The Same Thing

Happiness and vulnerability,

Calmness and stillness,

Edited and raw,

New and used,

Everything is both.



The page rattles with emptiness,
The mind fumbles in thought,
Starting paralyzes the hands,

Is this what they want, you ask,
Or is this what I want, you ask,

Good taste inspires,
Creativity perspires,
Practice breeds confidence 
Shipping calms the lizard brain,

Passion begets patience, 
To be known now or known later,
Beware: Fame disrupts,
Art ebbs and flows with the craft.