Category: Poetry


Write the Future

To be young and restless,
Middle-aged and breathless,
Old and reflective,
A child’s mind returns.

To see only looking backward, 
In the action of forward,
Writing the future of self-worth,

Wary of success,
Resilient to failure,
Even encouraged by little improvement,

Of doubt,
Of worry,
Of excitement,

Be careful of starting too early,
For age can be a cage,
This life is a sine wave,
A wobbly, slippery slope of downs, ups, and averages

The mind sets in the present, 
Rides waves of opportunities,
The indecisive drown.



The page rattles with emptiness,
The mind fumbles in thought,
Starting paralyzes the hands,

Is this what they want, you ask,
Or is this what I want, you ask,

Good taste inspires,
Creativity perspires,
Practice breeds confidence 
Shipping calms the lizard brain,

Passion begets patience, 
To be known now or known later,
Beware: Fame disrupts,
Art ebbs and flows with the craft.