Normal is boring

The Purple Cow An Albino Giraffe Paddington Bear Standing out is what it means to be remembered. To be remembered is to be unique. Never has the conformist or the lemming lived on to make a name for themselves. Normal is too forgettable. Life is cooler at the edges. When you know you’re different, you’re […]

If you’re struggling to get started, do it badly

Perfection is the antithesis of inspiration; it prevents you from getting started. The trick to getting going is to do it badly. Be intentionally messy. Producing crap isn’t the end-goal. The point of taking small actions is to create enough momentum to feel like we’re winning. What sustains persistence are small improvements. You’re looking to […]

Noticing things 

It’s difficult to notice things when we’ve seen them a thousand times. So we walk the same path, use the same apps and listen to the same music, without noticing the notes in between.  We become accustomed to our habits and surroundings we do things on automatic. Everyone’s got an eye for something. The difference […]