Balancing opposites

Settle into the system or shake it up. Pursue happiness or devour tranquility. Expect disruption or create your own law of contrast. Strive for greatness or let go and let God.  Chase power or be your best self. Maximize productivity or step away from the grind. There’s an inverse relationship between forcing something to happen and actually achieving […]


Building layers of ideas

Examining the world, collecting artifacts, awaiting that sudden flash.  To believe that epiphanies are a result of short-term thinking is a canard. Good ideas emerge from gathering string over stretches of time. Whatever it is–a mental note, a collection of brain farts or images, bunches of index cards or Pinterest pins–the most important thing is […]

Debugging the messy days

We spend more time debugging the messy days than celebrating the good days. Negativity is sticky—and harping on it merely strengthens the doldrums. The trick to moving forward is reprogramming the mind machine. That is, instead of beating ourselves up, we should view our mistakes as learning experiences. A dose of pragmatism never hurt anybody. […]