Home is work. Work is home.

Home is work. Work is home. With the smartphone, we straddle one foot in and out of the office at the same time. There is no real freedom, no way to untether from the tyranny of the desk.  We are addicted to being ON all the time.  But the phone is not the new cigarette, […]


Thinking in fragments

Half-baked ideas are valuable ideas. Messy minds and messy processes generate new ways of thinking.  We create through the imperfect. “A small drop of ink makes thousands, perhaps millions think,” wrote businessman and self-help book author William Clement Stone. The more ideas we have, the more we have to play with. Brainstorming is, therefore, a democratic […]

The self that signals

What signals are you giving out? Everything from your wardrobe to your attitude goes on display in to convince or dupe others of who you really are. Led by imaginings, you chase the perfect external note. But sometimes the creation of the ideal self sends you in the wrong direction. Trying to change from outside […]

Compartments of personality

Know when to laugh and when to cry, when to work and when to play, when to focus and when to daydream, when to float and when to sink — different pieces of our personality snuggle in aliveness in various compartments of the head.  What gets complicated is when you cry because you’re happy, play […]

We need the prodding

We need the prodding, we need Mom’s extra push. If it weren’t for other people like Mom, Dad, a coach, brother, or teacher advising us what we should do, important experiences and future cues would go missing. This is not to say that following advice is a prerequisite to success. For one, instructions are subjective […]

At a crossroads

Waiting for confirmation begets a wish washy answer. The solution is never what you want to hear. Fence-sitters are the first ones to capitulate to the doubting disease. Debate decreases their likeliness of action. What if instead of a tip-toe in, we pursued our beliefs despite our ambivalence. As Eleanor Roosevelt once implored us, “Be […]

Variables of reason

The riddle of life requires that we turn the page with equal uncertainty and confidence. By peeking into to the future, we dive into the uncomfortable experiment of digging up our past. The vacillation opens up the floodgates to creativity. Yielding to a strange loop, we can finally ignore the feeling of being left behind. […]

Placebos: the lies we make true

What the mind believes, the body can achieve. Look no further than a placebo who’s sole power is in its real effects. If it’s broken, only then do you fix it. But placebos work just as an app’s colors dupe the brain into submission. The slightest taste of sugar helps the medicine go down. The […]

Prescribing a walk in nature

Get yourself a prescription to nature. It’ll improve your mental and physical health. That’s according to doctors in Scotland who are recommending that people in the Shetland Islands get outside. The program outlines a recommended outside activity per month. For instance, in January you can create a windsock to grasp the full power of the […]

Craving light

Never bored, always on, perpetually entertained. That describes the 21st-century in a nutshell. We medicate all our boredom, stresses, and frustrations to external stimuli on a tiny screen. All an Instagram like does is produce a temporary shot of dopamine. All Facebook does is serve our voyeuristic inclinations and spike envy. Does this behavior sound […]

Play by keeping score

Disorder creates progress. It is within the mess we find out what needs to be cleaned up and what needs to be improved. The same goes for failure — it’s a motivator in disguise, telling us to make improvement more present. Unlike sand, problems never escape counting. They are easy to keep tabs on as […]

A dent in free will

The frustrator reveals its entire hand but still can’t be resolved. Because even when it tells all, its outcome is predictably unpredictable. There is no such thing as chance, with most things in life predetermined at the outset of infancy. Free will, liberating in theory, presents its own constraints. We are living in simulation, with […]

The sound of the future

We used to drive horses, then cabs, and now Uber. Ideas, hardly new, get retranslated to match the demands of modern times. First came the radio, then television, and now the pocket-sized smartphone. Each iteration seemed to enhance our addiction to glow. From snail mail to email, to instant messaging — this time is different […]

The mind is a kite

Think about a purple cow, a rainbow-striped zebra, or a dog driving a pick-up truck. Now try to jettison those images from your mind. Mull over why you’re happy and you may cease feeling so. The process of getting stuck and unstuck originates from the same internal wiring. The unexpected unwanted variable always stings with […]