Thinking about questions

The more absurd questions, the better. It’s as if people hold back their inquisitiveness to avoid the pedestal of ridicule. Shying away from raising your hand backlashes over time. Playing it safe merely postpones fear, submerging us into a habit of permanent hesitation that flinches instead of flourishes. The infinitely curious never left school as […]


The journey is the reward

In search of wider meanings, we’re left no choice but to chase the person we wish we were. Not surprisingly, it is within that hunt we get exposed to all of our fears and anxieties. But the journey is non-negotiable. The reward for following our ideals are the small actions along the way they make […]

Philosophy lacks an answer

The point of philosophy is to raise more questions than provide answers. The subject is a fodder for thinking. Despite its opacity, philosophy is measurable. It’s an instrument for producing ideas in a sea of sameness. It bubbles with countless abstractions to raise clarity in the gray spaces. Unlike Google, don’t expect philosophy to diagnose […]

The missing ingredient

The game is in our heads, not always in our hands. Like a skilled attuner we can produce ideas in a Ford production line and then pull back into idleness. If you look at Maslow’s Hierarchy, we already have everything we need. The only missing variable is motivation and perhaps some WiFi. We know nothing […]

Looking for aim and purpose

Persistence is the key that separates the professional from the hobbyist. The professional does three things: He sticks to a strict schedule He completes the work, no matter the circumstances He progresses, listening to feedback and strengthening his weak points The professional devours aim and purpose. He is ok with banal routines as a means […]

‘Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence’

Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence. The desire and ability to press on has and always will solve the problems of the human race and divide those who achieve from those who might have been. Ralph Waldo Emerson

Reassuring struggle

Vulnerability and happiness, pain and weakness. You can’t possibly expect any benefits without the paradoxes of input and output. It’s as if people expect to play to the tune of emotion, unwilling to endure the challenges that get them there. The struggle therefore should be reassuring. Without it, there’s little need for success to meet […]

Turning heads in the sand

With peace comes prosperity, until people get bored. They want to start a raucous to make themselves to feel alive again. So they gulp down and share tabloid rumors. Meanwhile, some folks prefer to turn their heads in the sand so they can ignore the swathe of breaking news. They prefer ignorance over heaps of […]

Guided by the dream

Try to think without images. You can’t. Pictures make up the mind. Try to make a decision without some sort of confidence. You can’t. Even uncertainty snags onto temporary absolutes. Try to remain calm and dictate your inner talk. You can’t. Be prepared to hear the monkey mind instead. But try to achieve a goal […]

Beyond the inner roommate

Balancing logic and creativity, the left brain melds into the right. The two hemispheres work as a whole, never forfeiting the childlike imagination nor the reality of execution. The inner roommate of course, prefers one over the other. We all know accountants who feel like they can never be marketers and vice versa. They wrongly […]