Fuel for thought

No one is in sole possession of the truth. We’re all just throwing darts at different concepts and opinions that with consistency, appear factual. We pick up positive vibrations from way things go most of the time. Turn on some music or laugh out loud and thought disappears altogether. The urge to verify is as […]


Collecting references

Without knowledge, it’s hard to be curious. We need reference points to make connections and inspire deeper thinking.  Give a teenager a car and a detailed Google Map, but unless they’ve got some training, they are going to increase the likelihood of an accident. Give a kid some crayons and some looseleaf paper, but without […]

Near and far

The basis for life is all interpretation, an internal chatter that either zaps positive momentum or dwells on negativity and drains the well. For starters, your attitude should weave together what optimizes you rather than than conflicts. For example, instead of looking at your day job as a means of necessary survival, try to find […]

Cold water courage

The quickest way to get used to cold water is to dive right in. The slowest and more painful way to get used to cold water is to go in gradually, dipping in each body part until it warms up. Most people take the gradual approach because they’re scared. As a result, they’re most likely […]

Embrace the void

Most people can’t stand to be left out the loop. The urge to know is what keeps them on their feet, building a knowledge base of facts that usually amounts to gossip. Ignorance is therefore a discipline. Just as we can’t do everything, we can’t stay totally informed either. Ambient awareness already cultivates more information […]

A coherent me

Stuck and predictable. We stop beating the heart to our own drum. Instead of chasing our dreams, we ride the coattails of others. We become a cog that seeks to please rather than to push. How we align our attention, to the duty or to the clusters of individual freedom, is what determines our self-worth. […]

Maria Popova talks about writing for herself, creativity, and more on the Tim Ferriss Podcast

Below are some of the highlights of Maria Popova from her interview on the Tim Ferriss podcast. Some of the topics discussed include how to be interesting, on doing the work, and what makes a person creative. On being interesting “The key to being interesting is being interested and enthusiastic about those interests.” When Kurt Vonnegut […]

The magic double-consciousness

Both attention and boredom are vital to creativity. Attention works like a gate, opening and closing at the will of seeing. The photographer’s eye spots patterns the same way a poet finds beauty in the mundane. Yet, boredom is a gateway to mind wandering. It’s a trigger for experiences, a calling for both imagination and […]

‘Be the bamboo tree which bends toward the wind’

“Alive, a man is supple, soft; in death, unbending rigor. All creatures, grass and trees, alive are plastic, but are pliant, too, and [in] death all feeble and dry. Unbending rigor is the mate of death, and yielding softness, [the] company of life. Unbending soldiers get no victories, the stiffest tree is readiest for the […]