Mass creators

If 2011 was the year of the consumer, 2012 will be the year of the creator.

Mobile is the impetus for this change.

Last year, 15 million people jointed Instagram on iOS. These people are all content producers with state of the art cameras and filters (effects) that can make a brick wall look interesting.

Last year, Apple included Twitter in its iOS software. People are now one click away from sharing influential moments, content that they own.

Even content we reblog or repin is our content referral. We’re rewarded with likes, the free social equivalent of a finder’s fee.

All of these are one share away from Facebook. But a part of the new creation age is mass. Facebook may have open public options but it’s still regarded as a closed, private network.

More people will be interested in sharing stuff everywhere and to anyone.

The ease of technology and app filters make us look professional, to which we want to look our best when we share with the world.


Teenage Mobile Dreams

Teenagers prefer a smartphone over a car (New York Times):

“The iPhone is the Ford Mustang of today.”

Instant communication cuts down the need to drive.

Why drive over to a friend’s house when you can Facetime with them from your home.

Why meet up at a cafe to collaborate on homework when you do work with that same person on Skype.

Why go shopping when you can shop on the web.

Driving has lost its coolness, more of an inconvenience than anything.

Teenagers want to drive less and spend more of their time communicating on their phones.

Social Media Tech

Social TV


Simon Cowell on television viewers using social networks:

“The only powerful people now on TV are the people on Twitter and Facebook.”

Social networks drive tune-in.  In the case of Twitter, it can even serve as a TV replacement; for example, I follow soccer matches through Twitter feeds.

Social is also a HUGE engagement tool.  The X Factor allows fans to vote through Twitter instead of through SMS.  Free and easy voting creates a whole new market for participation where people want to do more on their phones while watching television than merely checking into shows using Get Glue.

Next up is watching and tweeting directly on the TV, with a side panel pulling in your friends and followers and indicating their votes.  You’d tweet through a TV touch screen.

TV, like music, is an inherently social experience.  This is just the beginning of TV/social integration.


App Texting

3G needs to speed up.

I don’t want to use SMS to text anymore.  I want to use apps, like the Kik app.

The other night my brother was picking up Chinese food and I was waiting for him around the corner in the car.  You couldn’t park in front.

When he was done, he texted me to pull around and pick him up.  That text could have easily been an in-app text had the Kik app been able to open up quicker.

Plain and simple, the 3G network is slow.  Free app texting is to replace SMS but only if this so called ubiquitous Internet gets chugging.