When humans remove their batteries

We often remove our batteries, jettisoning what we learned and replacing it with the whiff of the moment. Why do we forget our morals and tentatively sell out to the bombastic? It’s not the idealist’s fault they try to make the world a better place. But at least they try.

Have an exaggerated sense of curiosity

We’re all fake artists, winging it to chase our dreams while simultaneously masking our vulnerabilities. It isn’t a thorny question of attribution. We all steal ideas from each other and recast them as our own. But having an exaggerated sense of curiosity pays off. The cash value of policing thoughts means that we can better sew […]

The philosophical zombie

People generally see and believe only what’s in front of them, disconnected from the magic of their consciousness. Reality is separate from the chorus of chemical reactions inside our heads. The prevailing theory ushered in by philosopher David Chalmers is that our conscious experience is considered the “hard problem,” a process so superior and mysterious […]

Mental orbit

We are distractible, drawn away from our mental orbit into the wrath of flying tweets and other snackable debris. We need reminders to sustain our attention: sticky notes, to-do lists, meditations, and positive mantras. As Simon Critchley writes in his 2015 Memory Theatre novel: Memory is repetition. Sure. But it is repetition with a difference. […]

‘You ain’t seen nothing yet.’

Skepticism is the contestability of what’s insufficiently peculiar. There is nothing that can’t be doubted and recasted anew, given the evidence. Computers are just the tip of the iceberg. Technology shapes our thinking the same way the railroad and microscopes once did, still do. The tools set free green fields of opportunity. The urge to […]