For boredom’s sake

Boredom is the enemy, kept at bay with the smartphone.  As Clive Thomas writes, “If you have a planet’s worth of entertainment in your pocket, it’s easy to stave off ennui.” But boredom is beneficial, and embracing it may be a key element to unlocking your potential. “Boredom might spark creativity because a restless mind hungers for stimulation.” […]

Business (un)usual 

Living on the edge is dangerous but that’s exactly why we pursue it: it makes us feel more alive. Being a thrill-seeker goes beyond Nascar and rock climbing. Anything that fills you with both anxiety confidence can make you feel more alive, like delivering a public speech. Sometimes it pays off to get our of your comfort zone, […]

One and multiple realities

Things don’t come out of nowhere. They are found. It is only in our search for them through our curiosity goggles that we stumble upon something with awe and make another connection. Eureka–there’s another idea! Reality is already augmented. We interpret a world of manifest information. Virtual reality is merely an extension, an exaggeration bordering […]

Get started now to thwart procrastination

You don’t work better under pressure. It only feels that way because you have no other choice. Procrastination has negative emotional consequences. We spend more time fretting about getting something done than actually doing it. The action is never is nearly as bad as the anticipation. Whatever your philosophy of getting started is – taking […]

Stimulate the imagination

Presence is about more than chasing mindfulness. It’s also about pulling intelligence from the heart. It is possible to know something before asking how you know it. You don’t analyze a morning breeze; it feels like an extension of the imagination. Think less, not more, to unlock the unconscious and get out of your own […]