Week in review: Genius athletes, Andy Warhol’s Whopper, what introverts do at parties, and more…

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Week in review: A typewriter for music, Ellsworth Kelly stamps, and more…

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Web Gems 21 / Music’s power is in its ambiguity

Below is an excerpt from the weekly newsletter, published every Sunday morning which includes links to interesting reads, music, and other top-notch content. Subscribe here or below. Music doesn’t need thought. It is intuited. Like laughter, its power is ambiguous but pleasurable. Music, after all, does a rather poor job of showing you anything, especially when there […]

Newsletter: Nappuccinos, audio illusions, and Tesla’s American experience

Each week I like to highlight some the articles written on this blog in a condensed format. It reminds me to take a step back and review why I thought it was worth posting in the first place. If you enjoy these reads, you can sign up here to get the weekly newsletter delivered directly […]

Newsletter: ‘Simplicity can produce complexity’

Hi Friends, below are some of the highlights from the blog this week.  Interesting Digs “Musician, artist, thinker” Brian Eno talks Bitcoin, how ‘simplicity can produce complexity’, and more. The Financial Times sat down with “musician, artist, thinker” Brian Eno in the studio of his Notting Hill home. The link contains my favorite snippets from the interview. […]

Newsletter: Think on your feet, not your seat

Hi Friends, below are some interesting links I discovered this week.  Summary: Yet more evidence that standing at work is better for you than sitting. Millennials love their house plants. Meet the woman who never forgets anything. Photographer Alex Bartsch retraces reggae record sleeves in London. Tyler, the Creator gives us a throwaway track entitled “Okra.” Check out […]

Newsletter: The art of the wasted day

Hi Friends, below are some interesting links I discovered this week.  Summary: Author Patricia Hampl wants to get rid of the to-do list. Mike Vardy ditches the computer for plain pen and paper to get stuff done. Van Gogh emulated Japanese prints. Video footage of New York City from 1911. Check out all these links and more […]

Newsletter: ‘Beauty is often odd’

Hi Friends, below are some interesting links I stumbled upon this week.  Summary: Stephen King lists out his top 10 favorite books. Leonardo da Vinci obsessed over water. ‘Zuckerman’ educated the Senate this week on the internet. Ellen Weinstein writes about famous artists and their odd rituals. And the ‘dog photographer’ William Wegman talks about his Weimaraners in […]

Newsletter: Aim for the absurd 🤷

Hi Friends, below are some of the interesting pieces I discovered this week. Summary: Recent studies demonstrate that attending live gigs every fortnight help you live longer. Macy’s invented the price tag in the late 1800s! NBC restored rarely seen footage from an interview with Martin Luther King Jr. The world’s greatest athletes perceive pain differently. Check […]

Newsletter: Awe-struck 👁🌲

Hi Friends, below are some of the pieces I collected and enjoyed this week. Summary: There’s no denying the positive impact of being surrounded by trees. France passed a law that enforces the right to disconnect. Arnau Alemany paints the most magical photos. Plus, laugh (or cry) at the video about the small annoyances we encounter in […]

Newsletter: ‘Feel the burn’

Hi Friends, the Marines have a saying: ‘pain is weakness leaving the body.’ Read about embracing pain in David Cain’s piece below. In the spirit of ‘everything is a remix,’ check out the amazing animation an artist recreated from the MET. Think robots are a 21st-century creation? Peep the video about François Junod’s work in making automatons. […]

Newsletter: ‘Life would be tragic if it weren’t funny’

Hi Friends, we lost the brilliant physicist Stephen Hawking this week but his work and spirit will linger on forever. If you’re stuck in a creative rut, give Seth Godin’s new podcast a listen. For Picasso fans, the Tate Modern has a new exhibit showcasing the artist’s work in his ‘years of wonders.’ Check out all links below. Interesting Digs […]

Newsletter: Strong opinions, loosely held

Hi Friends, if you’re looking for some motivational fuel I recommend watching the interview with Henry Rollins below. If you missed watching the Francis Bacon video in last week’s newsletter, I’ve highlighted it again here because it’s too good to miss. Interesting Digs Henry Rollins: The One Decision that Changed My Life Forever. Success is an accumulation […]

Newsletter: ‘If you can wait and not be tired by waiting’

I was reminded this week to ‘keep the patience’ by rereading Rudyard Kipling’s poem entitled “If”. Good things take time. In the meantime, below are some articles and some other digs I stumbled upon this week that I think you’ll find interesting. Interesting Digs Francis Bacon: A Brush with Violence. Francis Bacon was a mystery man […]

Newsletter: ‘I have forgotten how to read’ 📖

Below are some links worth reading this week along with some art and podcasts recommendations after the jump. Interesting Reads I have forgotten how to read. Reading online is much harder than reading a book, not only because of the multitude of distractions (text messages, notifications etc) but also because of the tendency to share for […]