Week in review: Genius athletes, Andy Warhol’s Whopper, what introverts do at parties, and more…

Below is a version of my Web Gems newsletter sent out weekly to hundreds of subscribers. Sign up here to get it to your inbox. Hi Friends- I still have more than a dozen subscriptions to The Browser to give away. Here’s the link. And now for the most intriguing links I think are worth sharing:  In Search of Greatness. “All inventive […]

Web Gems 21 / Music’s power is in its ambiguity

Below is an excerpt from the weekly newsletter, published every Sunday morning which includes links to interesting reads, music, and other top-notch content. Subscribe here or below. Music doesn’t need thought. It is intuited. Like laughter, its power is ambiguous but pleasurable. Music, after all, does a rather poor job of showing you anything, especially when there […]

Newsletter: Nappuccinos, audio illusions, and Tesla’s American experience

Each week I like to highlight some the articles written on this blog in a condensed format. It reminds me to take a step back and review why I thought it was worth posting in the first place. If you enjoy these reads, you can sign up here to get the weekly newsletter delivered directly […]

Newsletter: ‘Simplicity can produce complexity’

Hi Friends, below are some of the highlights from the blog this week.  Interesting Digs “Musician, artist, thinker” Brian Eno talks Bitcoin, how ‘simplicity can produce complexity’, and more. The Financial Times sat down with “musician, artist, thinker” Brian Eno in the studio of his Notting Hill home. The link contains my favorite snippets from the interview. […]

Newsletter: Think on your feet, not your seat

Hi Friends, below are some interesting links I discovered this week.  Summary: Yet more evidence that standing at work is better for you than sitting. Millennials love their house plants. Meet the woman who never forgets anything. Photographer Alex Bartsch retraces reggae record sleeves in London. Tyler, the Creator gives us a throwaway track entitled “Okra.” Check out […]