Strange things in Urbamba, Peru


All photos by Wells Baum

“If you haven’t found something strange during the day, it hasn’t been much of a day.” — John Wheeler


One page at a time

Image via Nemichandra Hombannavar

Reading a book, preferably a physical one, is a good way to get your attention back.

The problem in reading on smartphones is distractibility. You’re a notification away from checking Instagram, email, or a text.

If you’re going to read on a digital device, make it a Kindle. Its lack of functionality — just try web browsing on it — is its best feature.

Reading is an escape from the endless buzz of the digital world. It builds focus. In today’s world, single-tasking is more important than ever.

Mars Effect: Download the new Nike Sportswear x VSCO filter

Image by Wells Baum

The new Nike Sportswear x VSCO filter dropped while I was on vacation last week in the Dominican Republic. It paints a Mars-like effect on your photos. This is how VSCO describes it on its blog:

“the preset creates a bold, duotone look using strong black and red hues. The tonal range of each image is remapped to these two colors, resembling the innovative look and expressive style of Nike Tech Pack.”

As I typically do with every new preset release, I go back and try it on recent photos to see what works. Portraits and scripture seemed to work out best. Here are some of the ones that came out.

Processed with VSCO with tech preset

Processed with VSCO with tech preset

Processed with VSCO with tech preset

Processed with VSCO with tech preset

Nike has sponsored a VSCOCam filter before with the NikeLab ACG x VSCO. It also featured a dark aesthetic.

I love creative accidents. I originally applied the Nike Sportswear preset on this image and the changed it to preset X5 but the sky retained some of the red and black from the Nike preset.

You can see a bunch more pictures from the trip on the VSCO Grid and on Instagram (@bombtune).

Photojournal 7 : DC

Instagram is far less exciting than it was. The same goes for VSCO, who’s app update I still can’t seem to figure out. Keep it simple!

However, I’ve also changed my approach to photography. I spend more time creating videos and GIFs now than I do editing photos. For GIFs, I’ve been using Google’s new Motion Stills app. For videos, I’ve been using YouTube. Moreover, it is no surprise that I am also all about Google products lately as I just purchased a Google Chromebook.

Out with the old, in with the new, especially when new apps come along to change the creative approach.

Photojournal 6 : DC

I should rename this blog post “train journal” to reflect the majority of photos I took while in commute. But there’s a good reason. I’ve been getting a bit bored of photography lately and instead exploring video production. I’ve highlighted a few videos below.

My approach for video is similar to photography: look for weird patterns in the ordinary. YouTube’s Creator Studio also has some decent filters and royalty free music to apply to your videos.

Here’s my YouTube channel if you want to follow this new visual experiment. I cross-post to my Instagram page as well.

Photojournal 5 : DC

It’s rained every day in DC for the last two weeks. Some people compared it to Seattle but they just meant a tardy April.

I don’t mind the rain. The sound of a rainstorm is music to my ears. I even use a thunderstorm app called Rainy Mood to turn any drizzle outside into a rageful one inside. A consistent ambient sound can help you focus.

But I still hope this week is a little brighter so I can play with the light, like this.

Rain or shine, there’s always a cool vibe on the metro.

Metro Heads

As a DC metro rider, I tend to see the back of lot of people’s heads. People sit here, unlike New York where there’s more standing room for passengers. This of course goes back to the way each is designed, with the DC trains arranged in two-seat rows while the New York subway seats are benches adjacent to the doors.