Dreaming from above

You can’t dream about the world from below. It takes climbing a hill, mountain, or riding up to the Eiffel Tower to look out and see an entire world below in your grasp. Writes Tomas Tranströmer in “Schubertiana”: “Outside New York, a high place where with one glance you take in the houses where eight […]


A coherent me

Stuck and predictable. We stop beating the heart to our own drum. Instead of chasing our dreams, we ride the coattails of others. We become a cog that seeks to please rather than to push. How we align our attention, to the duty or to the clusters of individual freedom, is what determines our self-worth. […]

Looking sideways

An inner radicalism tugs away at the illusion of coherence. What we strive for often makes zero sense to others, if at all to ourselves. But we feel it. The contrarian begs to differ if only to avoid the stuckness of traditional thought. In all likeliness, it’s the things misheard, misquoted, misunderstood — mere accidents […]

Facing opposites

We want to reduce the stress in our lives, yet we keep piling on the number of things we need to do. We travel arms wide open into a tidal wave of responsibilities. We want to restrict the data tech companies collect from us, yet we swipe right at consent. All terms, all conditions, in […]

Inside the head

Mute/unmute Blind to our blindness Freedom within the cube Our sensory perception tells us how we should interpret the world, which is often a series of paradoxes. It’s the bits in the brain that make the world a reality, not the external stimuli itself. “If you could perceive reality as it really is, you would […]

Open to detours

Open to detours, fixated on the wrath of curiosity. The single-minded goal-setter scrounges for practice. In theory, doggedness is the least path of resistance. Like a magnet, we’re drawn to specialized learning. But we can’t afford to put the right brain to sleep. Quiescent, it too begs to act. The creative compulsion knows no boundaries. […]

When sharing is not so self-caring

Social media is a world where everyone tries to out self-promote each other and in doing so, stretch their lives further from reality. Even the destinations — whether it be a restaurant, hotel resort, or kayaking trip — want to make their experiences more Instagrammable. Sharing has commoditized life, turning us into an avalanche of […]

The nothing special

Look for a way of life, unmoored from staring at the donut hole. Conversely, the hybrid of work and life is what makes the donut whole. The game of goal-setting is paradoxically non-interventionist. You don’t attack the carrot, you chew on it slowly. The policy of non-engagement holds into force the inertia of nature’s progress. […]

Alone in the mess

You can never feel alone when you’re enjoying yourself. Like a magnet, you’re drawn to do what we’re born to do. The vocation calls you like an ambient siren song dangling emotional clarity. The goals that forced upon you are often dreary. They produce zero enjoyment, so fraught with ‘ought,’ threatening to stain the attentiveness […]

Crossing to safety

Home is where the heart is, but it is not where we discover what the world is about. All reality exists in the streets, behind the shadows of a passerby. What is artificial is the parochial nature of home. We are blind to what we can’t see, organizing our periphery to notice and absorb what […]

It’s the hope that kills

It’s the hope that kills you. Hope is that tease of an emotional tug that keeps you on edge, craving for fruition. But no matter how much you pray and imagine, it mostly yields nothing. Hope is hopeless. Luck is an idea that guarantees to hover over circumstance. Who doesn’t want the calm-inducing pacifier of […]

Stuck in our own heads

Inattentive, we let the details slip right through our heads. We are in a state of continuous partial attention, whipped around by facts, fake news, hyperbole, and reality. The foreign invaders monopolize our “private” profiles and manipulate the entire public sphere into tribes that all think and see alike. We turn a blind eye to […]

A retrospective report

We take a retrospective report, this time with the prospect old various viewpoints. When we look back at our own history, it only makes sense now and never then. We can only see as the neurons emit. The future prohibits knowledge Gathering experience increases one’s attentiveness toward ambient hints. Age is hypnotic, it compels us […]