Doing more = more productivity

Busy people get more done. Having multiple priorities creates a state of flow. You actually worry more when you’re not busy. We need important tasks all at once to create a sense of urgency. The most productive days are those in which we go immediately into action, leaving no time for a to-do list. Doing […]

Picasso: “Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.”

“Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.” — Pablo Picasso Inspiration is just the fuel.  Stop dreaming and start doing.   Don’t let inspiration backlash. Bonus: “Constantly seeking inspiration is anti-inspiring.” — Derek Sivers

Learning on multiple formats

Learning today is chaotic. There’s always a new app for note-taking, Smart pens, and the inspirational Moleskine. To me, both digital and paper worlds are all one stream of productivity. I typically use pen and paper to brainstorm and mind map. I love the freedom of just quickly dumping thoughts on paper and then finding […]

Reacting Against Modernity? Wait.

Those that intentionally resist change sometimes end up going too backward, making them inefficient and even more stressed. As creators, we need to balance the use of both contemporary and old-school tools. To focus on one over the other puts you at a severe disadvantage. If you work with just pens and paper, you may […]

Social networking is superficial

We connect. We share. We comment and like often without telling why. We do all this digitally while avoiding real-world conversations. Social networking is more or less superficial. It allows everyone to feel like their own celebrity, shouting to the world in self-praise and proclaiming expertise but rarely justifying it. Just because we can be […]

Upside of distraction

Monomania is what it sounds like: a pathologically intense focus on one thing. It’s the opposite of the problem you have if your gaze is ever flitting from your Tumblr to your spreadsheet to your baby to rush-hour traffic. There is no such thing as a perfect working condition.  The world is moving fast, technology […]

Build Beyond Your Own Moat

Build your own moat. The moat is your first line of defense, the fundamental skill(s) that you excel in and give you a chance at survival. You can always rely on your moat. But most people stop there. They focus on doing one thing well and forget the rest. They think that 20% of their potential […]

Focus is scarce

The market is fighting for your attention. You’re one click/touch away from succumbing and losing a grasp on your next big idea. What’s gratifying right now is probably unimportant and too brief to remember. For many people, those quick hits of happiness through distraction eventually add up to a bunch of regrets. You can like, […]

Side projects

We all love side projects. They get us going creatively. Side projects are typically things we take on because we’re actually interested in them. We enjoy putting in the playful work. This blog is a side project Side projects don’t necessarily change the world, have a deadline, or require perfection. We can even build side […]

Consistency is king

Everybody talks about hard work, intelligence, and doing the right thing. But behind all those traits is consistency. Consistency is the ability to perform at the same level again and again and be at your best when you best is needed. Consistency makes you the most reliable of the bunch even if you fail over […]