Newsletter: Loving Vincent 🎨

Below are five links worth sharing this week. Listen to Pessimist’s new track ‘Glue’ and the 1979 track ‘Resurrection Los’ from Cameroon’s legendary Los Camaroes after the jump. web gems It took six years of development and 125 painters to recreate Van Gogh’s brush strokes to make the world’s first oil painted feature film, Loving […]

Loving Vincent: When nobody becomes a somebody 

Vincent Van Gogh was a nobody. He only sold one piece of art while he was alive and it was to his brother! But that’s who we all are at the core — small sprinkles on Earth in a vast universe. If the solar eclipse was any reminder, the cosmos operate whether humans exist or […]

Newsletter: What’s your favorite number?

Hi all, I hope everyone had a chance to check out the solar eclipse this week. I saw it at 81% totality from DC. Those lucky enough to experience the total eclipse will appreciate Annie Dillard’s essay below. New music this week comes this way courtesy of Thundercat. Ry Cooder takes the crate. web gems […]

To err is human

Technology evolves. Customer expectations change. Facebook tweaks its algorithm, again! All strategies and proven methods are temporary. The pragmatist is always looking for a better way while following the practices that already work. But there’s no way to identify what works without identifying what doesn’t work first. Strive a little toward imperfection. Trial and error […]