Airing out the ego

Never at rest in yesterday’s form. We are always chasing something unique, railing against the establishment. Chances are we’ve already forgotten the information we learned yesterday. With half-closed eyes, we bustle through through life forging connections between experiences. But then one day, it all slows down. It’s not about us anymore but other people: our […]

The link between boredom and creativity

Boredom drives creativity for no other reason than that your mind needs something to latch onto in idle times. When you’re bored, anything goes. Ambiguity and hyperbole are the names of the game. Your mind loves stretching the imagination and embracing irreality. Daydreaming is a thinking activity too Sometimes people are too corrupted by everydayness. […]

Tips for boosting your memory and brain power

If you’re looking to boost your memory and brain power, this video contains some excellent tips and reminders. In summary: Exercise. Physical exercise helps form new brain cells and solidifies existing neurons. It also increases the hippocampus brain area which is responsible for memory and learning. Never stop learning. Learning something new builds new brain cells. In […]

The philosophical zombie

People generally see and believe only what’s in front of them, disconnected from the magic of their consciousness. Reality is separated from the chorus of chemical reactions inside our heads. The prevailing theory ushered in by philosopher David Chalmers is that our conscious experience is considered the “hard problem,” a process so superior and mysterious […]