Free and cheap makes you fat

Everyone loves free stuff. But free stuff makes you fat. When I was a kid growing up in Texas, every restaurant offered free refills. Naturally, my friends and I always had two sodas. When I moved up to the Northeast, refills didn’t exist. There was always an additional cost. But this cost-constrained choice. I wasn’t […]

Ask more questions

“Asking for a friend” usually means you’re asking a question for yourself. We’re all just trying to figure shit out so we can move on with our lives a little less stressed. Got an embarrassing personal issue? Confused about a work task?  It only gets worse if you hold it back and waste time googling […]

Mindfulness gets its share of attention

“What’s work, what’s not work, it’s all become blurred.” Sure has, we’re always on, always working, especially if your phone is also your work phone. You’re a touch away from answering an email. “Not only do I put fewer things on my to-list but I actually get them done and done well. It’s like I’ve […]

Stormy brains

We devour information. We over-prepare our day by scrutinizing the weather. We try to control the future as much as we can. Never in the history of the world have people been so informed. Cluttered minds gather data but use very little. Neurons stop connecting when they have limited room to breathe. Subscribe to everything […]

Embrace the dialectic

Right or wrong, decisions jumpstart action. Indecision or maybes are also valid decisions. There are opposing forces in every direction you choose. The satisfaction of being done is better than perfect. But sometimes perfection requires more work. The Germans have a saying for concurrent possibilities of “Yes” and “No,” called Jein. “The test of a first-rate […]

What Vegas Teaches Us About Life

There are so many life lessons learned in coming to Vegas, some trite but too true to ignore. In no particular order: The best things in life are achieved through raw, hard work and love for what you do What goes up, must come down Losing sucks, always Fun is deceptive The Chinese takeover is […]


“In perception, we have three processes:  sensation, memory, and association.” – Hermann Rorschach Imagine if “association” conjured up something out of the ordinary, something you had read or experienced in your lifetime. When you follow the herd and consume the same ideas and practices as others, you often miss a different perspective. To avoid getting […]