How status and likability affect your health 

Popular people live longer. As social animals, the number of friends predetermines our well-being and lifespan. The gregarious live long than loners. But life hinges on authenticity — it is not a popularity contest. The number of people we know means nothing if there’s zero reciprocation. The other person(s) have to like us back. There’s […]

How technology impacts the way people write

From Nietzsche’s Writing Ball, to Stephen King’s typewriter, to Steve Jobs’ Macintosh and iPhone, technology has changed the way we write. Describes Matthew Kirschenbaum in The New Republic: “Our writing instruments are also working on our thoughts.” Nietzsche wrote, or more precisely typed, this sentence on a Malling-Hansen Writing Ball, a wondrous strange contraption that looks […]

Stuck in our own heads — is that such a bad thing?

If we remove the music at a fashion show it’d feel dull. No one wants to face the nakedness of noise. If we put a person in a room with only a shock machine studies show that they’d rather zap themselves to stay bored. Humans crave entertainment. Social media is today’s main elixir. We’re wired […]