The Stahl House Movie

Last weekend I was fortunate enough to see my brother Ryan Baum graduate from SCI-Arc, an architecture school in downtown Los Angeles. Each student was responsible for presenting their thesis in front of faculty and special guests. For his final project, my brother put some renderings together over the Stahl House to recreate the iconic […]

‘You ain’t seen nothing yet.’

Skepticism is the contestability of what’s insufficiently peculiar. There is nothing that can’t be doubted and recasted anew, given the evidence. Computers are just the tip of the iceberg. Technology shapes our thinking the same way the railroad and microscopes once did, still do. The tools set free green fields of opportunity. The urge to […]

‘The real world is an escape from the internet.’

Social networks are specifically designed to keep us hooked as long as possible. No matter how aware we are of the entrapment, the exit door never tempts us enough to permanently leave. Yet we ‘users’ are literally the ones being used and tracked so big brother can sell our data to advertisers. We permit cookies […]

To err is human

Technology evolves. Customer expectations change. Facebook tweaks its algorithm, again! All strategies and proven methods are temporary. The pragmatist is always looking for a better way while following the practices that already work. But there’s no way to identify what works without identifying what doesn’t work first. Strive a little toward imperfection. Trial and error […]