News is bad for you – and giving up reading it will make you happier

But most of us do not yet understand that news is to the mind what sugar is to the body. …mathematicians, novelists, composers and entrepreneurs often produce their most creative works at a young age. Their brains enjoy a wide, uninhabited space that emboldens them to come up with and pursue novel ideas. Anything in […]


‘The very best things in life can’t be captured in status updates.’

“Remember that the very best things in life can’t be captured in status updates.” — Author Shauna Niequist in Stop Instagramming Your Perfect Life Life curation on the Internet is a falsity.  People are just as lame and as flawed and occasionally brilliant as you are. The Internet is partial truths—we get to decide what people […]


Digital technology liberates the wannabe. Cheap tools (iPhones and apps) combined with distribution platforms (Youtube, Instagram, Twitter) make stardom feasible. Making and marketing are easier today.  But it’s harder than ever to stand out. Democratizing the tools and platforms create chaos online.  Everyone’s art gets noticed but it appears the same:  the same filters, the […]

Social networking is superficial

We connect. We share. We comment and like often without telling why. We do all this digitally while avoiding real-world conversations. Social networking is more or less superficial. It allows everyone to feel like their own celebrity, shouting to the world in self-praise and proclaiming expertise but rarely justifying it. Just because we can be […]

Digital crumbs

Hacking is a digital pandemic. What we see today is just a speck of what’s to come. Our personal data, the American government’s data, nearly every crumb that gets stored on a computer is at risk to be stolen and misused. Being cookied by advertisers is the least of our worries. So is having a […]

There’s Only One Genuine Real World/Digital Identity

Mos Def, “Thieves in the Night” Stop hidin, stop hidin, stop hidin your face Stop hidin, stop hidin, cause ain’t no hiding place Show your expertise. Voice your opinion. Demonstrate your creative skills. Whether you like it or not the gap between the real world and digital world is closing. Soon there will be no […]

“Technology is not really about hardware and software any more. It’s really about the mining and use of this enormous data to make the world a better place.” — Eric Schmidt, Google executive chairman< figcaption class=”source”>Of all the Internet companies, Google does the best job in gathering our data and making it relevant for consumption, […]

In a constantly plugged-in world, it’s not all bad to be bored

“In an environment where we are constantly overstimulated, it’s hard to find ways to engage when the noise shuts down.” We’re always entertained if we have our Internet-connected devices around.  There’s intentionally something to do:  socialize on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, check email, play a game, view new apps, read, browse the net, SMS, and […]

Photography Lesson #1: Don’t take any pictures that can be Googled

    A close friend once told me that he doesn’t take pictures of anything that can be Googled. Ever since then I’ve moved away from commonplace photos and have looked for more unique image opportunities. But what happens when a helicopter flies over the Brooklyn Bridge or a cute kid sits on a public […]

Better by the Bundle?

Bundling only works “if the consumer is given the option of buying the same products separately.” That seems to make sense.  I used to work for a music company that sold products within sets along with the individual items.  Both packages were profitable. This strategy got me thinking about companies that never bundle their core […]