Password Simplification?

Until the computer can recognize face or fingerprints we’re nowhere near life without passwords. The problem with one password is that all it takes is one LinkedIn break in to reveal it. Then all your other logins are at risk. The problem with multiple passwords is that you forget them. You can’t even remember the […]


Is the airport a social network?

The airport may be the world’s biggest/smallest physical social network. The hubs in Atlanta, Heathrow, and Munich bring people from all across the world, speaking the same language in design. Airport signs and rules are the same everywhere. You can figure out where you need to go just by following the terminal numbers. You can […]


You probably recognize the following microsyntax: Pin # Tweet @ Like Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook have popularized these terms into our vocabulary.  They even get used in different context. Yesterday I was searching for tickets on Kayak.  It uses the “Pin” button to pin your latest search to the top.  I thought it may pin […]

The Conformity Crisis

If everyone has access to the same tools then everyone will become a producer. And all the art will look the same. Take Instagram for instance. All you need is an iPhone and some cheap Camera+ editing app to clean up your images before you upload them to Instagram. You can also edit images on […]

Reward Psychology

On the human addiction for digital rewards: Today, technology companies are creating new habits by running users through a series of desire engines—and variable rewards fuel the chain reaction. Companies like Kiip, Zynga, and American Express drop pellets. Every time we use their services we get something back like points and even discounts. A like, […]

iCloud Is Still Crappy

I finally took the time this weekend to clean up the photos on my two iPhones, one business one personal. My plan was to consolidate all photos into albums on my iPad and have those albums synced across devices. But I discovered that you can’t sync albums in one photo stream yet. Apple still has […]

Pinterest Edging Tumblr In Pageviews

Cheers to the web prodigy @shl for the tweet. Why? Pinterest focuses on one thing only, images.  Simplicity like Instagram.  Tumblr allows posts on text, quotes, pictures, video, link, chat, and audio. “Repin” conjures quickness.  Publish, boom, we feel like contributors.  “Reblog” sounds lengthy.  Internet denizens have 3 second attention spans. Pinterest is a Facebook Timeline […]

MLK’s Tech Revolution

“There can be no gainsaying of the fact that a great revolution is taking place in the world today. In a sense it is a triple revolution: that is, a technological revolution, with the impact of automation and cybernation; then there is a revolution in weaponry, with the emergence of atomic and nuclear weapons of […]

From Sweet Seats To Tweet Seats

I took my wife to see Book of Mormon on Broadway.  I took a few pictures before the sitter told me that photography was prohibited.  I consented but I still didn’t put my phone down. Next, I wanted to Instagram and tweet out the picture I had just taken.  Surely, my friends and family would […]

Social TV

Simon Cowell on television viewers using social networks: “The only powerful people now on TV are the people on Twitter and Facebook.” Social networks drive tune-in.  In the case of Twitter, it can even serve as a TV replacement; for example, I follow soccer matches through Twitter feeds. Social is also a HUGE engagement tool. […]