Teju Cole on American exceptionalism, Black Lives Matter, creativity, and more

The Financial Times talks with novelist and photographer Teju Cole. I enjoy Cole’s work because he always comes at it from a unique point of view. He does not shy away from expressing himself — his views are blunt and often involved. Cole also happens to be savvy Instagrammer who’s already posting mesmerizing stuff on […]

Food porn in the 18th century

There’s a saying in table top advertising or food marketing that goes like this: “The first taste is always with your eyes.” Naturally, IKEA made an 18th-century version of social media food porn. The father hires an artist to paint the spread and then has his servicemen carry it around town seeking approval. Flash forward […]

Instagram clones Snapchat Stories, for the better  

Facebook picked a strong running mate in Instagram to take on Snapchat. It had no choice. Facebook’s efforts to combat Snapchat with standalone apps like Poke and Slingshot didn’t work. No one wants to download yet another social networking app. So instead of recreating the wheel Instagram straight up copied Snapchat’s stories. And it has […]

Walking is hard

Walking didn’t use to be this hard because we didn’t think much about it. But now we’re all walking zombies, staring down into our mobile screens. We use our ears and narrow field of view to warn us of impending danger. Thankfully, designers are creating smart powered pedestrian pavement to save our lives from distraction […]

Derek Sivers on disconnecting

“If you asked people in 1989 what they needed to make their life better, it was unlikely that they would have said a decentralized network of information nodes that are linked using hypertext.” Here we are — addicted to this thing called the Internet. According to CNN, info fatigue is killing us. Why do we […]

This smart-powered pedestrian pavement could save your life

The world in front of us is not as stimulating as the one on our phone. So we look down and instead text, play Pokemon, or Snapchat our outfit. Sadly, we are used to walking blind. studies have shown that around one in three people get distracted by their phones when crossing the street. While […]