Pavel Dovgal – Floating Beams

From Russia with love (image via fb)
From Russia with love (image via fb)

Pavel Dovgal is an electronic producer from Russia known for his hodgepodge of sounds, most notably electronic, hip-hop, and downbeat. His forthcoming album on Berlin-based Mooncircle sees him expanding a multifaceted palette.

According to his Facebook page, his recent trips around Asia along with his studies of 70’s music and Ethnic African sounds have influenced the new album Aura. Take a listen to the euphoric teaser track ‘Floating Beams’ and you’ll hear samples from across the world. The album promises to bring listeners on a spiritual journey.

“Pieced together from sounds and samples from all over the globe, the album’s aim is to charge listeners with harmony and a feeling of connectedness to the world. Reflecting on his own attitude towards life and the importance of inner balance, Pavel attempts to share some of the spiritual experiences he made while traveling.”  — Project Mooncircle



Atatürk, father of Turkey

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Atatürk did it all. From the 1920s – 1930s he gave birth to modern Turkey and transformed its alphabet, culture, education, economy, and its freedoms for women. There’s even a day to celebrate kids only, April 23, much like Father & Mother’s Day.

Walking through Ataturk’s memorial, you get the sense that he played the role of both Abraham Lincoln in uniting the nation and Martin Luther King Jr. in making equality and opportunity coexist. But he also played the role of teacher. Atatürk’s library was extensive, full of Western literature including his own books on Geometry and Language. He was incredibly prolific in his writing which manifested in the beauty of his motivational speeches and quotes, like poetry.

There will never be another Ataturk, even the Turks acknowledge that. But Turkey today is still a reflection of Ataturk’s vision and thoughts. Turkey is a beautiful mix of Eastern traditions and Western practice, a culmination celebrated in its arts.