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Choose something and act on it

Choose something and act on it

Theory versus the execution, the latter almost always presents the stumbling block. The start is what stops most people. The work-resistance was so overbearing for Hitler to become an artist it was easier for him to turn into an absolute maniac. 

But work not need be a psychotic obsession. We must take it in stride, as always. Nor is work a proxy for procrastinating on life’s most important matters. 

Building up the readiness to act is a conscious habit. It doesn’t happen overnight, but rather through an accumulation of small efforts that strengthens the initiative engine. It’s a dripping process

The alternative to a proactive and habitual work process is a reactionary pattern that may generate a paycheck but never leads to anything worthwhile. Choose something and act on it, for that is how we change the way things are.

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By Wells Baum

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