courtenaybird: Did Twitter just predict Paul Ryan as Mitt Romney’s running mate? Update: Twitter was right. It’s a Romney-Ryan ticket. We hinted that we’d been tracking Republican VP Candidates with the screenshot accompanying the announcement of our new dashboard earlier this week. As you can clearly see from the updated dashboard below, Ryan started to pull away from the potential VP pack three days ago in terms of unique reach on Twitter. Of the pool of likely candidates, Ryan’s seen the greatest increase in reach over the past month, gaining a 65% increase in reach in the past 30 days. In addition, he’s seen the largest gains in both the number of total tweets and unique people talking about him recently.  (via TweetReach Blog) As I learned at SXSW this year, if you aggregate the wins in p-2-p matchups for consoles (e.g. FIFA & Madden) those scores are predictive of the winner in real life. The average margin of victory is also accurate. Wisdom of the crowds is the future of gambling.
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By Wells Baum

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