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Creative Setups in a Format Shifting World

It’s not unheard of to be good at one thing on one platform and poor on another. In fact, I think that’s pretty normal. For instance, I’m better at editing photos on my phone than on my computer. However, I’m better at using Garageband on my computer than using the GarageBand app on my phone.

Some of this is due to the era I grew up. I started making beats on the computer in college before the iPhone even existed. While Garageband has the same features on the iPhone, the workflow is still too complicated. Conversely, the only reason I take pictures and edit them today is because the iPhone and apps likes VSCO make it so simple. I’ll never try to touch up a photo on my computer again.

“We shape our tools, and thereafter our tools shape us.” – Marshall McLuhan

Distraction free writing

Perhaps the only transferable software between both desktop and mobile is writing. I only enjoy writing on PCs when I can expand to “full screen” to avoid distractions but I prefer to write everything on the phone because the focus is on one screen at a time.

Despite the never-ending changes in devices and software, the best setup is the one that allows you to maximize productivity and performance.

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By Wells Baum

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