Creativity is for the uncertain

creativity uncertain

Creativity is an all-in, imaginative process that prides itself on chasing the unknown. So we proceed in a random fashion, anticipating discovery through trial and error.

Most people want to repeat what they ordered in the past. And they get upset when something new disrupts their banal yet predictable everyday menu.

Certainty is too darn comfortable.

Furthermore, innovation can be frustrating, especially when what we foresee in our heads rarely comes out in the labor of our hands. But it’s that gap between what’s tangible and fantasy that compels creators to stretch their noses rather than watch from a distance.

Instinctively, we know when we’re on to something when we can identify a void in knowledge and sense patterns. Moving around in this world, climbing ladders, and reaching distant branches bring us closer to the richest fruits.

The creator is one who often experiences self-division. But what breaks us also reinforces a felt cohesiveness. Had we known where to go, we’d never stumble upon the bewildering mixtures of experiences.

The reward for all thinkers and doers is self-growth. With change being the only constant, we can only anticipate what happens next.