Criteria For Facebook Friends

The FarmVille invitation yesterday reminded me once again how much we need to skin our Facebook friends.

In the beginning Facebook was about collecting as many friends as possible. This friend dump ranged from people we went to high school and college with to people we met only once. I even collected all those people with the last name Baum.

But today content is king on Facebook. If you’re not posting interesting content and I most likely won’t see or hear from you again, you get unfriended. Those whom live across the world mostly get saved only because I’m curious about their culture.

My goal is to get to 150 friends, the Path number. I’m currently at 291 from the 400 I had last year. So far my criteria is working.

The process for adding new friends is therefore stringent. Candidates include coworkers and family members. New people seeking “friends” either have to be an Arsenal fan, an instrumental hip hop/electronic head, an important networker, or a celebrity. We all love celebrities.

The only friend deletion I regret is Keith Urbahn, the kid that broke the news about Bin Laden’s death. It would’ve been interesting to see the dialogue on his wall at that moment.

Friending requires a new set of criteria that is stricter than ever. We don’t just friend or follow any more just to build up our numbers. We need filters to ensure we’re always entertained.

Content is a tribe breaker for me. Just post interesting stuff.

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By Wells Baum

Wells Baum is a daily blogger who writes about Life & Arts. He's also the author of and four books.