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Dancing with Fear, How Music Affects Your Productivity, New Radiohead, and More

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Arts & Culture

The Artists Way in an Age of Self Promotion

According to the 90-9-1 rule of social media, most people prefer to scan and curate the feeds. But the ease of producing and sharing content on Snapchat and Instagram flips this old rule on its head. Everyone is born creative – we all carry genius – but how many people declaring themselves ‘creative’ today actually live up to it?

““Creative” was among the top ten most used words in LinkedIn profiles last year, and, these days, “creative” is a noun that can be used for anyone in the workforce who doesn’t engage in doctoring, lawyering, writing code, or doing hard labor.” – Carrie Battan


Radiohead, Misfits Once Again, This Time ‘Burn the Witch’

Radiohead’s new album drops today. The band deleted their web presence prior to the album launch, proving once again that doing the opposite of what everyone else is doing drives extra awareness. This is a blog post I wrote on how Radiohead thrives on being different.

Radiohead is the Apple of bands, an outsider group that retains its creativity and sells to the masses without selling out its brand. It’s all about taking music to the next level.

Philosophy & Productivity

How Music Affects Your Productivity — Life Learning

Working to the radio or a mixtape may disrupt your focus. On the other hand, working to familiar music may boost your concentration and productivity. The brain prefers a consistent flow of ambient noise rather than the stimulation of new sound. There are some helpful sonic recommendations in this piece.

“While the “journey” of new music can be beneficial in other ways, it’s best to tread a familiar path if you are using music to get things done.”

Research backs up the instinct that walking improves creativity

Stressed? Go for a walk. Got writer’s block? Walk. Want to be better at noticing the world? Go for a walk. You can even do walking meetings. Walking may be boring, but in this hyper-connected world that’s exactly why it’s effective: it turns you off and slows you down. → Writing by walking.

““Part of why walking, I think, is important is it can be boring. It’s that very aspect that causes your mind to go back and revisit, even subconsciously, on what you’ve been analyzing and learning,” she says.”


Social Media & Tech


Technology connects the world, but it also destroys many of the things we once enjoyed, like our presence. According to French entrepreneur Tariq Krim, all this digitization has long-term deleterious effects on our human identity, discovery, and mindfulness.

“We need to give people access to other choices, other life narratives, other tools, and other ideologies. A sort of “organic sustainable slow technology” that fights this commoditization of everything online and offline.”


New Music

Episode 86 | Tunes of the Week

  1. Thornato – Deux a Deux
  2. Connie Constance – Answer
  3. Ash Walker – They Do Not Know Yet
  4. Skinshape – Detroit
  5. Kinkajous – All Kinds

🎵 Listen here

Thought of the Week

“Dance with the fear. Use fear as a compass to push you toward bringing your best creative work to life.” – Seth Godin

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