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Hacking is a digital pandemic. What we see today is just a speck of what’s to come.

Our personal data, the American government’s data, nearly every crumb that gets stored on a computer is at risk to be stolen and misused.

Being cookied by advertisers is the least of our worries. So is having a Twitter account taken over or getting our credit card info stolen. That’s hacking 101.

Our biggest fear is the Wild West of hacking, groups that are impossible to identify, preempt, and fight back against.

As we saw in Skyfall, hacking has potentially deadly consequences. The fact that digital data can kill makes all this talk about drones appear nugatory. Hacking is a bigger, invisible threat.

The specter of a larger digital war between nation-states is already upon us.

Digital adoption has made it impossible to disconnect and go analog. Still, that cabin in the woods sounds good right about now.

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