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Getting out of my Skinner Box | Limn This

Distraction is inevitable in the mobile-first, social media era. The dopamine addiction is especially hard for writers who need focus to develop flow. Pen and paper is the obvious route of distraction-free writing but the words ultimately have to get digitized. That’s why some writers are using the $400 Hemingwrite “with a continuous wi-fi connection to your Evernote account.” Bonus: it’s made in Detroit.

“I love the idea that someone is building hardware that does less so that we might be focused enough to do more. It’s a wonderful kind of simplification.”

+ Can no longer read books? Here are some tips and tricks for re-galvanizing your book reading focus and getting your mind back.

How Design Research Taught Me Not To Be a Tourist | DesignMind

If you’re going to travel abroad, don’t forget to get out of your hotel and go local. Befriend some natives. Eat the local food. Hit the underground record store. But most importantly, don’t forget to bring your camera:

…my favorite photos are often photos of the mundane details that reveal cultural differences and tell a specific story about your trip. Those things that you pass each day — street signs, taxis, tea pots, toilets, mailboxes, snacks, magazine racks – usually are rich with the texture of your experience even if they aren’t postcard-worthy.

+ Anthony Bourdain returns tonight, exploring South Korea in 24 intoxicated hours. Here’s Bourdain on exploring the everyday:

“Life ain’t that simple . It IS complicated. And filled with nuance worth exploring.”

More Bourdain quotes

Press me! The buttons that lie to you

Design impacts behavior. The “wait” light at the cross walk and the camera’s clicking sound all have the same “placebo button” effect: they intend to give people the illusion of control.

“Feeling you have control over your world is a desirable state.”

In other words, the buttons are functional but they also may save your life. Think about this the next time you’re crossing the street.

The Martyr of Islington

“There’s only one Arsène Wenger,” the Arsenal fans shout. They have a point. There’s no other coach like “The Professor,” whose artful tactics and player development created The Invincibles but then led to years of trophyless seasons while Chelsea and Man City bough talent for immediate results. Arsène’s patience is both admirable and frustrating, and bigger than the game.

“It’s his faith—his belief that there’s a code of rightness other than success; his Catholic claim that virtue, magic, and beauty might be more important than the trophy case”

What fiction has to say about the libraries of the future

The digitization of books poses a threat to the modern day library. But will libraries dissipate like the record stores?

“The future library is bigger than all the world’s historical libraries combined, and smaller than a book on one of those libraries’ shelves.”

I personally think the library is a durable place. People still need a quiet place to sit down, read, and get stuff done when Starbucks is too damn loud.

New Music

Episode 50 | Tunes of the Week

  1. Falty DL – Watch a Man Die
  2. Knxwledge – Jstowee
  3. Roots Manuva – Like a Drum
  4. Braille Sounds – Everyone’s Crazy (Machinedrum Remix)
  5. LTJ Bukem – Horizons

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Thought of the Week

“You can’t just jot it down on a napkin. You have to do it.” – Charles Eames

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