Double or nothing

Double or nothing

The best art deserves the long look, just as the best books earn a re-read. The second our surroundings pull us out of a desultory scan and compel interpretation, we learn twice as much.

Pausing (and thinking deeply) is integral to the learning process. Disfluency extends the hesitation and augments the meaning.

We’re not all vacuum cleaners. The mind mulls over the information before chewing it up and gutting it of its value proposition. Which parts present facts, theories, pointlessness, and interest?

The student seeks links between disciplines, converting thoughts and abstractions that seem real into practicable experiments.

The educated want to dabble relentlessly in freedom of movement. Rolling wakefulness increases the desire to inspect wide-ranging interests. Curiosity is like breathing, and it unlocks all possibilities.

It pays to be both a generalist and a specialist, a fox and a hedgehog, as they complement each other. With the best intentions, we observe and make sense of all kinds of outside stimuli. 

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