Email Malaise

Email makes you feel like you’re accomplishing something but you’re really not. It’s a game that never ends, a painful image of line by line Unreads in bold.

Gmail does the best job at assisting email management. I like the new tab feature that categories email by type. It’s also easy to create filters in Gmail so you receive less spam.

But email is email despite design and functionality improvements. The Mailbox app intends to revolutionize email with it’s added to do list feature. But I want to spend less time in the maw of email, not more.

Email behavior only worsens with Smartphones as people email-text each other. I’m guilty of this as I got rid of text messaging not only to save $20/month but also because people are just as fast to respond via email.

Email is in a weird communications spot between instant messaging via apps like Snapchat, general text messages or iMessages, messages sent via social networks, and well, calling someone the old fashion way. You have to use the platform you think your recipient is most likely to respond quickest or slowest, depending on your level of urgency.

Email is generally the slowest way to guarantee a response since most people find it unmanageable.

Email is unmanageable for the most part. It’s almost as bad as opening up junk snail mail. Unfortunately, email is the mainstay of digital communication, kind of like Facebook is the hub of social networking. Corporations also live on email since there’s no other viable widely adoptable alternative.

Maybe we should just turn off email time to time and get some work done. This may anger other people waiting for a response but at least you’ll have attempted to achieve something meaningful outside the dreadful inbox.

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By Wells Baum

Wells Baum is a daily blogger who writes about Life & Arts. He's also the author of and four books.