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Embroidering reality: the photographs of artist Julie Cockburn

London-based artist Julie Cockburn discovers old prints of primarily faces and landscapes and uses hand embroidery, ink, and paint turn them into neat-looking collages.

Once I have committed to the designed image, the needlework has to be perfect — there is no longer room for play or error. The result is that each embroidered motif is a gesture of integrity that becomes a part of the old, often dilapidated print.

Julie Cockburn (source: FT)

She says her work requires incredible patience as its slow and methodical.

After she photocopies a print, she sketches over it to find an aesthetic that works. She then spends the next five days to two weeks stitching over the template.

Cockburn is proof that any image can be converted into something more interesting and meaningful.

Take a look at some of her glorious pieces below. Follow her on Instagram.

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