Endurance factors: Building Clubs That Last

We only ever book what we believe in. And that way you can’t ever get it wrong. For some it’s like a guessing game, and you’re just trying to second guess what the latest fad is. Play any guessing game and you’re eventually going to get it wrong, it’s just probability. But I’m 53 years old, I’m not about to start second guessing what kids might love. My job as a promoter is really very simple… it’s to scour the world to search for beautiful things, and then say, ‘look at what I found’. That might be a DJ, or the artwork in our flyers. For me, it’s a very, very simple thing.

Fabric founder and owner Keith Reilly on what keeps his club successful, i.e. discovering and showcasing next level music instead of chasing the trends. 

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By Wells Baum

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