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Exit through the polling station

If you’re worried about the future, you’re almost certainly living in the past. You’ve stopped evolving, impatient with change and acceptance. You’d rather close the lid once and for all. It’s not surprising that those who cling to old traditions and nativism feel hopeless.

Democracy is an experiment. The Civil War demonstrated its vulnerability but also preserved the system and birthed a useful philosophy. There’s a chance democracy’s durability takes a step back tomorrow and revives ethnic and jingoistic urges. America is a day away from losing its role as the shining example of hope on the world stage. Instead of validating the hodgepodge that it is, it’ll give other nations the permission to succumb to their own resistance. Realpolitik will return; civil rights rewound.

Outsiders are fun. They elucidate the flaws in the existing system. But when they become demagogues and contrarians, they quickly make shitty leaders who paint a bleak picture. Look at Berlusconi, Erdogan, Putin, and Nigel Farage’s bout for Brexit. Scaremongering and ruling with a big stick are failed tactics. Things like cooperation and openness push things forward.

The future is in your hands, America. It’s either a vote for absolute insanity–perhaps a Hollywood ending to what was an in the first place–or a continuance of the status quo which despite its predictability and idealism, is more likely to lead to progress.

Do the right thing, whatever you think that is.

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By Wells Baum

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