Facebook + Google Out of Touch?

Nick Bilton argues that Facebook and Google suck at mobile because the employees are stuck in the corporate engine all day. Free bus rides, free food, free gym, and just about everything is made free and accessible just to keep employees housed inside working.

As Nick writes, “Sadly, this isn’t how the rest of the world works.”

Real workers have to go outside to get lunch, coffee, take their kids to day care, and handle their own transportation to get to work.

Missed reality is missed opportunity.

If you want to see consumer technology adoption ride the Metro North to work every day. The majority of commuters have their noses in their phones and tablets. On the way to work it’s no different. The head is down on mobile and comes up only to snap a photo.

Sometimes Facebook and Google products feel so insular and anti-consumer. The new Gmail is horribly designed. The new Timeline is not scannable. The two companies are too big now and too distant from their consumers. Myopic. Fortunately for them, they can just buy talent.

Perks make employees happy with their work. But the personal life can be a grind. It’s ok to be on your own every once in a while.

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By Wells Baum

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