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The benefit of online classes:

These new platforms could essentially “flip” the classroom: rather than going to class and sitting through long lectures, students will watch them in their own time as homework. This will allow them to rewind parts of the lecture and go over material they find more challenging. It also frees up class time for group discussion or experiential learning.

My biggest pet peeve about school was that even though I attended every class my attention wasn’t always there. I may have pulled an all nighter or simply run out of energy after a long week.

I always wrote lengthy notes but some never got internalized. I learned better with a fresh mind, when I made connections between my notes as I listened.

Our brains can’t capture everything and learn at the same time. The notion that I only get one shot to hear it in a classroom context is unfairly scarce.

Rewinding to re-experience a lesson would’ve done wonders for me. I would’ve cut parts of the lecture out and turned them into mp3 files to accompany the notes.

Attendance in real-time demonstrates punctuality but limits our chance to relearn. Repetition is a key ingredient to seeing the big picture.

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By Wells Baum

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