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Get Nostalgic: It’s National Coloring Book Day

A few days ago I tweeted “No more adult coloring books.” I did not mean to disparage the inner artist, just the fad that makes $12 million in sales a year. Why do people stop making art in the first place?

“Children learn through play, but adults play through art.” – Brian Eno

I found out that today is National Coloring Book Day, so I did a little research. I stumbled upon Back in the Days Coloring Book by photographer Jamel Shabazz. The 32-page coloring book is based on Shabazz’s 2001 photography book which documents New York’s hip hop scene from 1980-1989.

Here are some images from the coloring book:





“In essence, all of my work is nostalgic, so almost every photograph I took during that time period, could have had a place in the book,” Shabazz tells TIME. “For me personally, I knew that images reflecting the old subway trains and classic fashion were important ingredients.”

I just contributed to the adult coloring book craze and bought a copy myself.

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By Wells Baum

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