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Grey Matters

1 response. Perfect, even more ambiguous.

Most people associate ambiguity with the color grey. What is it about the color grey 🔘 that indicates neutrality or indecisiveness?

“We’re not very good at understanding what it is that we really want. We’re extremely prone to latch onto suggestions from the outside world.” – Alain de Botton

Grey skies bum people out because somewhere along the way the sun implied health and happiness. It’s not the color grey that’s confused and depressing. It’s just how most people see it and talk about it.

But grey is just a color. Its definition isn’t linear. People use grey paint for their house walls while complaining about the doldrums of winter.

In order to crack the code of deception, you have to make your own call. Maybe the color grey’s significance is elastic, a color adaptable to different situations.

Grey is grey until you decide what to make of it.

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By Wells Baum

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