Hearts manipulated at scale

Art by @annasalmi

Hearts manipulated at scale. It’s as if social media is the new religion. The double-tap ❤️ permeates everything, so much that we stopped going on vacation for pleasure — instead, we travel for the purpose of accumulating likes.

Studies show that if your phone is in your field of vision you won’t be able to resist it. Do you think you can go without your phone for a whole minute? No way! Not if it’s within reach.

Overstimulation is an impediment to insight. Self-knowledge and new ideas percolate in disconnection. Yet it pains people even a minute to sit with their own thoughts.

The tug of war between consciousness and screen addiction is real. The lite brite is there to kill different avenues of thought. Fidget spinners are just sops. Give your mind permission to dodge the hook.