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How Hope and Doubt Can Coexist

Hope is both the seed and encouragement of doubt.

It’s human behavior to assume that things are more likely to go wrong than they are right. Why do you think we remember mistakes more than successes? Negativity can be a stronger emotion, but it doesn’t necessitate a bad outcome.

Cynicism, like all destruction, is easy, it’s lazy. There is nothing more difficult yet more gratifying in our society than living with sincere, active, constructive hope for the human spirit. This is the most potent antidote to cynicism, and it is an act of courage and resistance today.” – Maria Popova

Just because it’s easier and more practical to be a pessimist, doesn’t mean we should go that route. As I blogged yesterday, there are drawbacks to pumping up optimism – most notably, it can mask inner obstacles.

Hope and doubt are not mutually exclusive. They coexist to help guide our perspective.

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By Wells Baum

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