How To Consume Music From 6 to 3 Steps

Let’s start with the latest developments:

    1. Google is opening a digital download store in the cloud.
    2. Amazon pushing its digital download store in the cloud with Kindle Fire.
    3. iTunes Match promises to match the music library for everywhere play.
    4. Spotify is growing users fast since the Facebook integration.

Note:  All services allow streaming and downloads (except Spotify). 

So let’s see how this really plays out:

    1. Read music blogs to discover new music
    2. Open up Spotify to stream the music you read about
    3. Make a playlist of those Spotify songs
    4. Go to amazonmp3 store and download songs for ¢10 less than iTunes
    5. Use amazon cloud player to listen to these songs on the go (Android only)
    6. Upload these downloaded songs into iTunes for safekeeping and organization

Upshot: There’s a lot of service shifting to ensure music discovery, streaming, and collecting.

Fast forward 1 month upon iTunes official cloud arrival:

      1. Read music blogs
      2. Open iTunes and stream the music you read about
      3. Download music on iTunes cloud and take it with you everywhere
Conclusion:  iTunes is STILL king.

What are your music listening/collecting habits? Comment below.  

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By Wells Baum

Wells Baum is a daily blogger who writes about Life & Arts. He's also the author of and four books.