In the spell of imagination


To remain in the spell, unmoored from the compass of time and place. The inner narrative reverberates off our surroundings. We become how we see, think, and respond.

The mind is always in the process of masticating the materials to prepare the imagination for lift-off. Moon shots take their shape at the precipice of unfettered possibility.

The fact is, reality is pretty dull. Voluntary dreaming allows the brain’s resources to flow freely and productively against the mental trap of what’s “reasonable.”

Riding the wave of creativity helps one tap into spontaneous ingenuity. All is food for thought.

After conjuring a story with clarity and detail, the subconscious decides whether or not the fantasy sticks. Intuitively, the mind leans toward the edge to gather the most compelling stuff, the string worth keeping.

The optimist says that we can match what we’re seeing with what we say. As long as we sit down and do our thinking, we can describe what we see with our august imagination,

The underlying cause of boredom and stuckness is in our heads. The magic is sitting down and working out the cognitive muscles to reignite those powerful stories repeatedly.