Instagram ‘homogenized our creativity’

Instagram is a clash of sameness: the same travel pics, coffee cup shots, and innumerable selfies. The app ‘homogenizes‘ photography so that all images look roughly the same.

It's always refreshing to see Instagram users who are trying something different, who are using the platform to explore their creativity instead of posting endless food porn.

Not only are we drowning in photos, the conformity of images is ruining the art of photography.

But it doesn't have to be this way. There are countless apps for editing your photos and videos to make them stand out from others in the feed. VSCO offers some unique filter capabilities but apps like Hyperspektiv and Photofox transform your photos into something unique by mixing elements of graphics and paint.

Adding interesting captions is another way to differentiate ourselves from the crowd. Tell people what the image is about or give a unique interpretation of what the eye can't see. Even better, bewilder the viewer and keep them guessing. Like photos, all writing is in the edit.

Give everyone a camera and the stage, and they'll exploit it just like everybody else. The upshot is a mass experience that mostly dulls expression. Scratch it up, discolor the frame; dare to be different.

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  1. Thanks Janey! No one ever forgets the purple cow in the long-run. I guess it depends on how expressive you want to be.

  2. Agree with your article somewhat and yes all the “popular” photos look the same! So it’s hard not to gravitate towards those kind of filters because that’s what the audience want to see perhaps?! But I agree that one needs to find their own creative style and showcase them to the world instead of conforming! Good post!

    J xx

  3. No problem. You can add extra hashtags to the first comment if you want to benefit from discoverability. Got to do it after you post though so it stays up in the feed when someone searches…

  4. You got it! VSCO is definitely my preference but everyone has their go-to.

  5. I believe that following our authentic self brings authentic readers and followers. I don’t follow the trend and certainly want to share my personal point of view, and not the typical at the beach with a hat, 3/4 pose looking backwards – – not a chance…. Great reading!

  6. This is really timely, as I just created my Instagram account yesterday (mainly because I’ve accumulated a lot of photos from my nature walks) and was debating how to present them. I like your suggestions – thanks!

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