Irving Azoff: It’s “Way Different, Way More Difficult Now” for Musicians…

Your chances of getting a record deal today is much more likely than the past.

An A&R guy can hear you in a YouTube video and reach out to you on Twitter. You’ll probably fund the record and the label will market your music and take its cut.

The challenge is getting through all the noise, literally, and then trying to make a living.

Anyone can be a musician. All it takes is use of GarageBand and distribution to iTunes, all from your boardroom.

Chances are slim though that anyone will ever download your stuff. You’re better off giving everything away free until you have some email addresses.

But even big artists can’t survive off record sales alone. The margins are slim, streams even slimmer. If you’re signed, you’ll get nothing.

is that even if they did you won’t make enough off those downloads alone to live.

Music is now the soundtrack of people’s lives, but it has way less monetization. –

But if you love it, do it. You’ll learn a lot about content production and the challenges and opportunities of marketing in the digital age.

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By Wells Baum

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