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Part of being an Internet DJ is fading in between articles and seeing connections between them, like these on what it means to collect art:

Review: At NADA Art Fair, Collecting for Pleasure, Not Status

Real collecting begins in lust: I have to have this, live with this, learn from this, figure out how to pay for this. It cannot be about investment or status. Like making art, writing about it or organizing its public display (in galleries or in museums), collecting is a form of personal expression. It is, in other words, a way to know yourself, and to participate in and contribute to creativity, which is essential to human life on earth.

The Maddening and Brilliant Karl Lagerfeld

‘‘Let me tell you something,’’ he began. ‘‘The great art collections were made from very little money. Nowadays, rich people wait for things to become expensive before they buy them. And why? Because they may not be flattered to have something in their house that they bought for little money, even if it is great. But you know, I had Warhols and Basquiats and I gave them away because I thought they would not last.’

What makes art valuable is not the price but the enjoyment in collecting what mirrors your own interests or confounds them.  Whether or not the item(s) ever become popular is secondary.

Buy low, stay high.

“It fades in,” indeed.

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By Wells Baum

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