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It’s All About the Numbers

Igor Ovsyannykov

Social media is a numbers game, where the number of followers takes precedence over the quality of content. Popularity is a confirmation of credibility.

If Twitter and Instagram kept the number of followers private, would you be less or more inclined to share? Would it impact the type of content you share?

Snapchat and Tumblr hide the followers from the public and put the emphasis on the content. Snapchat is about imperfect selfies. Although it sometimes takes people two times to record the Snap they want it’s still far less edited than an Instagram.

Meanwhile, Tumblr is a scrapbook for expression. A Tumblr blog is a mood board to display your inspiration and thoughts, like the posters and mantras you’d hang in your room. Both Snapchat and Tumblr are less about being an influencer and more about being a good storyteller.

Facebook is post-followers. It used to be about page followers but now it’s all about paid reach and engagement, the newspaper of today’s generation. Its success makes it impossible for investors to believe in Twitter, where user growth has plateaued. There’s a reason why Snapchat deflects the size of its community to talk more about its video views.

Both Wall Street and social users care more about impressions than expressions. Unfortunately, whichever platforms survive the next 20 years may not be the ones of the most cultural importance.

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By Wells Baum

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