I’ve got a few simple frameworks for thinking about things. In social media, one of my main ones is the tenet that 1% of the users will create content, 10% will curate it, and the rest will consume it.

Fred Wilson

Fred goes on to say that 10 million Foursquare users are content creators, half of Foursquare’s total user base. I just re-downloaded the app for the third time. Again, it’s one of the best designed apps out there. And it’s very user friendly.

But it’s just one of those apps I don’t use as a creator, curator, nor consumer. I check in with Instagram and search for places and hotspots on Google. Maybe I should give Foursquare another shot even if it’s just asking it for the nearest Wifi.

I’d like to see Apple gobble Foursquare on the cheap and import its 20+ million mobile user community (data) into its new maps app. Forget Ping.

Foursquare is going somewhere but the roadmap is hard to predict.

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By Wells Baum

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