Japan’s lonely vending machines by Eiji Ohashi

Photographer Eiji Ohashi spent nine years capturing images of Japan's vending machines on his late-night commutes home from work.

“At the time, I was living in a town in the north of Japan that would get hit by terrible blizzards during the winter months. I'd drive my car in (these) conditions and use the light of the vending machines to guide me.”

Well-maintained even in harsh winter conditions, the machines stand out in Japan's remote towns like ‘roadside lights', the eponymous title of Ohashi's photography book.

For a country that produces “300-plus flavors of KitKat,” the vending machines not only look the same, they all sell the same items. Said Ohashi: “I wanted to capture the standardized form of the vending machines. I thought you could see the differences between the regions through the scenery around them.”

All photos via Eiji Ohashi 



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  1. And Japan is one of the safest — even children are known to take public transportation by themselves!

  2. I used to love these! It is so useful when you are out for a hike.
    There is always a place to grab a drink. 😀

    I also love that the drinks change depending on the season. I really like the hot chocolate or hot corn soup that you can get in winter.

  3. Is this for real? Where I live those machine wouldn’t have lasted a week before they were either vandalised or stolen. Just shows you that societies can be civil.

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