Just another click?

Every morning the train conductor counts the number of people that exit the train. He wants to make sure everyone paid.

As a customer, you just become a tally like everyone else. There’s no rewards program or special treatment for years of traveling. You don’t get any recognition at all.

A lot of people carry on there lives like another click, another meaningless cog in a controlled system of service. You deserve better.

Life is one part showing up consistently, another part doing the work and standing out. The commute may be the desultory part. Once you step up off the train, you must take positive action.

Prove to the world that you’re a consistent doer, and you can tally up your own success and get recognized for it just as you deserve.

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By Wells Baum

Wells Baum is a daily blogger who writes about Life & Arts. He's also the author of and four books.