Keep your writing concise with Grammarly

Grammarly Review: a free writing and proofreading app

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I’m a big fan of the Grammarly app.

As a blogger, I use it daily. Whether I’m writing in Gmail, Facebook, WordPress, or Twitter (on desktop and mobile) it’s always double-checking my work for proper punctuation, grammar, and sentence structure. The plugin also reminds me to get rid of unnecessary words.

Grammarly is like having another set of eyes on your writing, proofreading as you go. As I like to say, all writing is in the edit.   

Most recently, Grammarly released its scanning technology for its premium users to work in Google Docs.  While the release is in beta, there are new features added frequently to match Grammarly’s powerful native editor. Check out Stacey Roshan’s tutorial below for more detail. 

If you’re considering upgrading to the Premium, I recommend going with the annual plan at $11.66/month. It’s far and away one of my best annual investments. Keep in mind that you can always use Grammarly for free just minus all the bells and whistles. 

Now that everyone’s back in school, I can’t recommend the Grammarly app enough for college and high school students looking to improve their writing. If you’re a parent, consider buying it for your kid. Just remember to use it for your own work too!