This is your last notice to…notice

'Be a first class noticer.' — Warren Bennis #giphy #quotes

“Be a first-class noticer.”

Warren Bennis

More important than the ability to see, hear, and observe is to notice. Noticing is the art of picking up on subtleties.

  • Notice the trepidation in someone’s voice.
  • Notice the computer screen that needs to be wiped.
  • Notice when someone gives you a desultory nod or becomes bored listening to you.
  • Notice when something is out of place, when the money tree is bent.
  • Notice the repetitive xylophone pattern of telephone poles and let it ring in your ears
  • Notice the present as infinitely more valuable than the future, given the unlikely arrival of what want to happen

Noticing is a prompt that creates emotion. It redirects a conversation into one that’s less transactional and more meaningful. It intends to show others what they miss, a nudge to the obvious and mundane.

Often unseen, often unheard: You can become a noticing machine.